Your body has a lot to say.

Are you ready to listen in?

In this FREE guide, I show you how to feel into and listen to your body, and how embodiment can foster healing and transformation simply by being with it.

Whether it’s for pain management,

to affirm your inherent self-worth,

or to connect to your guidance via intuition,

embodiment practices connect you into the sacred container of your body.

Give me the Embodiment Skills 101 Guide

Embodiment Skills 101 Guide

embodiment skills 101 guide brown and pink cover

This 24 page guidebook includes:

  • The super simple 3 step framework for practicing embodiment meditations 
  • Elevator Exercise for actually holding your awareness within the body (and how to practice moving it around)
  • How to notice and collect data from the body physically, emotionally and intuitively

This guide also show you how embodiment works on 3 levels for healing and transformation:

  • Dealing with pain and discomfort in intense moments
  • Affirming your inherent self-worth
  • Connecting to your guidance via intuition from the body

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Getting into my body like my life depended on it.

Hi! I am Celia. I created this guide as a way to how others how to get into their body and how to listen to it. This work came from many a day trying to figure out how to deal with pain, and evolved into a way to connect to inner guidance coming right out of the body.

As a young a teen, I was stuck in bed each month with debilitating dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps). I sought medical care, but nothing helped. When I was 18, my doctors told me I was out of options and jokingly said I could either have a hysterectomy or have a baby. I did not find that funny.

I was left with having to deal with intense pain each and every month. There was nothing I could take or do to make it go away.

My training as a birth doula helped me see that although I could not miraculously make the pain disappear, I could learn how to cope and manage an overwhelming, out-of-my-control situation.

I could breathe. I brought that breath right to the pain. It helped me through.

I could feel, although it hurt like hell and seemed counterintuitive. I could feel into the pain without breaking. That helped me through, too.

The pain didn't go away, but I started to feel like I could at least handle being in my body. I no longer had PTSD knowing more pain was lurking around the corner of each month.

As the years went on, I began to breathe into and feel my awareness within my body when I wasn't in pain or sick. My body and I built a relationship as I connected to it. It felt like coming home.

I noticed that my body had a lot of things to say.

I felt how emotions were deeply rooted within my physical tissues, and how they guided me.

And most interestingly, I learned that those seemingly random thoughts were actually intuition from my body. I didn't need to look elsewhere for answers, advice or guidance, I went right to the source and asked my body.

Fast forward through grad school, to having an acupuncture and healing practice, to becoming a mother, to regaining bodily sovereignty after the challenges of chronic Lyme disease, healing trauma and many a spiritual awakening (aka crisis), I have had a plethora of opportunities to utilize embodiment as my main navigation tool for healing, acceptance, transformation and guidance.

This is why I created the Embodiment Skills 101 Guide.

Many of us are looking for tools for personal healing during our current times of great and collective transformation. I believe embodiment skills help us feel steady and supported during times of change.

If you are looking for ways to bring your awareness into your body and how to hear what it is saying, then this guide is for you.

Give me the Embodiment Guide →
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embodiment skills 101 guide brown and pink cover

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